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Hello I'm Kym (Shamous69)... welcome to my site..Please note this site is really out of date.. and may not get updated again.

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In my Holden Commodore & Site you'll find pics and info on The HSV XU6, The HSV Maloo Ute, The HSV GTS 2000, The 1996 HSV Limited Edition GTS-R, The 1999 Clubsport and The New HSV SV99 Limited Edition, plus pics of all other Holden Commodores.

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Disclaimer: This site contains images contained throughout the internet and are shared and displayed for viewing purposes only. This is a non-profit, Hobby website only and has no affiliation with clubs, organizations, car companies, businesses or anything else, and hence any web masters for this site cannot and will not be held responsible for any copyrighted material held within.

Kym's Holden Commodore Site LINKS:

Page 1 of Commodores

Page 2 of Commodores

Page 3 of Commodores

Page 4 of Commodores

The 1996 HSV Limited Edition GTS-R Info Page

The 1999 ClubSport

The New HSV SV99: Limited Edition


The HSV GTS 2000

Picture of the HSV Maloo Ute

.... More Links will be available in the next couple of weeks .....

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